About 3D Secure

3D Secure

The safest debit card facility   available for online money transfers Find out how this affects and benefits you here.

TNTforex.com is now using the new 3D Secure debit card system which provides additional benefits for users.

To use the new 3D Secure debit card system, you first need to register your card for 3D secure





After registering your debit card for 3D secure, log on to our website and click on ‘New Transfer’. You will be asked to input your 3D secure password once you have submitted your transfer.

Benefits of 3D secure

The 3D secure platform provides you with the following benefits:

  • Absolute protection of your debit card against unauthorised use
  • Fewer steps are required during your money transfer process, as no documentation is required to verify your debit card
  • The process is more efficient and user friendly

3D Secure Facts

  • 3D Secure stands for Three Domain Secure, which is synonymous to the internet authentication standard
  • 3D Secure debit card facility is utilised by major internationally based commercial banks
  • 3D Secure is only needed for online transactions
  • All transactions are underwritten by MasterCard and Visa

How does 3D Secure work?

Step 1: Login or Register and click on ‘New Transfer’.
Upload your transfer by filling in the relevant fields and click ‘Add New’ once you get to the ‘payment details’ field.

Step 2: Fill in your card details and click ‘Add’.

Step 3: A link will pop up on your screen to take you to your bank’s 3D secure website.

Step 4: Choose a password that can be used on every website using 3D Secure.
Please make a note of this password and keep it in a safe place.
You will need to input the password every time you use this card on our website or any other site using 3 D Secure.

Step 5: You should now be on the confirmation page.
Check all your transaction details, accept the Terms and Conditions, and click on ‘Submit’.

We will ask you for your 3D secure password in order to authorise the transfer. Your transfer will then be submitted successfully and will be processed shortly afterwards.

If you have any questions about how this debit card system works, please don’t hesitate to contact us.