Terms of Use 

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By using this service you acknowledge and agree to the following legally binding terms and conditions:

1. Client Information

You undertake to provide accurate and up-to-date personal information at all times. All fields marked as required must be completed with valid information. Any attempt made to mislead or misrepresent your information or information associated with you through your beneficiaries will be reported to the relevant authorities and will lead to the immediate suspension of the use or access to this service.

2. Confidentiality

The information provided by you is acknowledged to be private and confidential and will be treated as such. However, by using this service, you are authorising TNT Forex to pass on said information to the relevant authorities as required by law. This information will not be sold to third parties.

3. Identification

TNT Forex collects relevant forms of identification from its clients prior to the completion of any transaction in line with current Money Laundering Regulations and KYC procedures. For you to be able to transfer money, you will need to sign and date copies of the following documents yourself:

This can be sent to us via fax to 084 588 00242, email to info@tntforex.com or post to.

Postal address
TNT Forex
a/o 1st Contact Forex
Compliance Department
PO Box 184
United Kingdom

In line with current Money Laundering legislation, additional forms of identification may be required should the value of your transaction(s) exceed the allowable limit. Additional forms of identification include a utility bill/bank statement showing your current residential address, and proof of the source of your income.*

4. Exchange Rate Terms:

All rates of exchange advertised and quoted must be seen as indicative only. By accepting the indicative exchange rate offered at the time of confirming the transaction, you are accepting the fact that exchange rates are subject to fluctuation, and TNT Forex can take no responsibility for adverse exchange rate movements once you have confirmed the transaction. TNT Forex will however endeavour to obtain the best possible rate of exchange in line with the indicative quote that has been accepted.

Making use of a Debit card:
The exchange rate displayed when you submit your transfer will be the actual rate secured if the following terms are met:

Using a debit card will result in the instantaneous receipt of your funds by us, whether or not we have the necessary documentation to go ahead with the transfer. Please note that, should this be the case, TNT Forex cannot be held responsible for the delay of funds being transferred.

TNT Forex reserves the right to amend rates at their discretion in line with the market movements, when the transfer is uploaded outside office hours (8am – 5pm (GMT), Monday to Friday - excluding Bank holidays).

Making use of other payment methods, including Internet Banking & Cash Deposits:

*These forms of identification will generally only be required once a minimum threshold value of transactions per 12 month period has been reached. Currently, this is £10,000.